The proposal of Multimedia & Human-Computer Interaction Final Project 2017 (COMP6341)

A. Background

We are creating an educational game aimed at Kindergarten to early primary students. The game should be designed for a platform that is used by Children at that age. Also, the game should be easy to learn, but difficult to master to provide more replay value to players.

B. Project Description

Game++ is a collection of three minigames aimed at Kindergarten to early primary students. The games include a shape-fitting game called “Catch The Shapes”, “Memory Game”, and an obstacle avoiding game called “RollOut”. It is designed to be used with a Touchscreen interface but it’s also playable on keyboard and mouse based platforms.

C. Project Scope

  1. Project Goals

Create the complete game and optimize the performance & file size for portable devices.

  1. Deliverables
    1. Game sprites design: Player character, Environment
    2. UI Elements: Front page, Main Menu, Settings
    3. Game programming to be integrated with sprites
    4. Audio: Sound Effects, Music

D. Development Environment

  1. Technology Stack
    1. Game engine: Construct 2
    2. Mobile development framework: PhoneGap
  2. Software used
    1. Game engine: Construct 2
    2. Image Editing: Adobe Photoshop CC
    3. Audio Editing: Adobe Audition CC
    4. Audio Compression: FormatFactory

E. Team Members

  1. Muhammad Yahya Harlan (2001600084): Programmer
  2. Hansvin Tandi Sugata (2001586685): Programmer